We teach with you, not at you.  Our on-site Workshop concept is designed to provide relevant and practical information to today’s brewers in an engaging and interactive teaching format. Our current workshops focus on the brewing basics essential for all brewers. We offer quality instruction in a concise but collaborative atmosphere.

WHO —— You don’t need a chemistry or microbiology degree to take these workshops!  We will teach you the “why’s” along with the “how’s” using plain and understandable language by building on each concept from the ground up.

WHY —— Work at a brewery, have read the books, but want to ask questions?  Maybe you’ve never had the time to attend one of the extended courses available.  Are you starting a brewery or are new to the industry? Are you an allied supplier who needs to be able to talk with your customers on their level?  Perhaps you have been in brewing for awhile and are looking for a refresher course or new ideas.

We welcome one and all; everyone has something to contribute and everyone will find something of value to take away.

“You were great Karl, everyone is just so excited. It really was an excellent course. We are already thinking of how and when we can have you return.”  Deborah Carey,  New Glarus Brewing Company

Kick up your game and save with On-Site Workshop training sessions.  We offer private in-house training sessions geared towards helping your company become more effective in the beer market.  We have workshops that will energize and help you and your staff compete in this dynamic brewing industry. Our workshops offer interactive personalized training, up to 30 people at a time, at a fraction of the cost it would take to send them all to off-site courses or seminars.

We offer Classes, Presentations and Training flexible to your needs including:

  • Basic brewing science for the non-brewer
  • Advanced brewery and packaging operations
  • Beer flavor origins emphasizing positive flavors that sell your beer (great for sales and marketing folks)
  • Executive brewing and packaging process overview
  • Specific topics in brewing and packaging

Our presenter ——  Karl Ockert  is an original craft brew master with 40 years of experience in the craft brewing industry and a brewing educator with a proven track record.  His presentations are a distillation of the knowledge he has attained through decades of designing, building and running craft breweries and brewpubs /  the seminars and conferences he has attended, taught and directed /  the books he has edited and written /  and of course his contacts through an extensive network of international colleagues in the industry.

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